Imagination, aesthetics, creativity and professionalism… Together with comprehensive project management skills, Lally Poulias Design, embraces every single aspect of the process and leads to outstanding results, exceeding expectations!
Lally Poulias Design has developed an impressive portfolio on yacht design including the exteriors and interiors for mega yachts, moto boats and moto sail boats, both for private and public transportation use. Selected works on mega yachts include the following:

40m MY Carmen Serena
40m MY Carmen Fontana
40m MS Galileo
53m MY Harmony G
72.4m MY R M Elegant
35.5m MS Iraklis L
68m MY Variety Voyager
25m MY Aristotelis
17m Motor Yacht
13m Motor Yacht
85.3m Alysia
85.3m Delma
103m Blue Diamond
47,6m M/Y - 50,0m M/Y
Length: 47,6m or 50m
Beam overall: 10,7m
Hull beam: 8,7m
Guests: 8
Owners: 2
VIP: 2
Crew: 10
25.6m M/Y
Length: 25,6m
Beam: 5,4m
Speed top 29 knots-cruising 24
Guests: 4
Owners: 2
VIP: 2
Crew: 2
Yacht Builder: Akroproro Shipyard
Naval Architect: Maritime Techniques
Exterior styling and Interior design Lally Poulias
Launched 2017

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